Unhyeongung Palace: One of the Smaller Palaces in Seoul

Unhyeongung Palace is a house in which the 26th king of Joseon, King Gojong, lived before he assumed the throne. It was owned by the father of King Gojong, Heungseon Daewongun Yi Haeung. It is located at 98-50, Unni-dong, Jongno-gu, Seoul.

Among the notable points of interest at Unhyeongung Palace are:


Irodang Hall

Irodang Hall was the palace’s main building that was built for women as their residence. The wife of Yi Haeung lived here.


Noandang Hall

Noandang Hall was the men’s residence at Unhyeongung Palace. The word “noan” means “old man who is comfortable and at ease”. In this quarter, men felt relaxed while in this building.


Norakdang Hall

Norakdang Hall is the largest building at Unhyeongung Palace. It was one of the two residence halls for women in this palace.

Admission in this palace is free. It is closed every Mondays and Tuesdays and accepts ticketing 30 minutes before the closing time. Regarding its operating hours, please refer below:

November – March – Opens from 9:00am until 06:00pm
April – October – Opens from 9:00am until 07:00pm

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