Changyeonggung Palace in Seoul, South Korea

Changyeonggung Palace was built by King Sejong for King Taejong, his father. It was formerly called “Suganggung”, but it was renamed to its current name after its renovation. Together with Changdeokgung Palace, both of them are called Donggwol or the East Palace.

Among the famous points of interest in Changyeonggung Palace are:


Honghwamun Gate

Honghwamun Gate is the main gate in Changyeonggung Palace. It was rebuilt in 1616 following its destruction during the Japanese invasion.


Okcheongyo Bridge

Okcheongyo Bridge is a symbolic entry to the courtyard, which you will see first as you pass through the main gate. It is 9.9 meters long by 6.6 meters wide and supported by twin arches. Between these arches, under the bridge’s parapet, are carved goblins (dokkaebi) that are intended to ward off evil spirits.

Changyeonggung Palace

Myeongjeongjeon Hall

Myeongjeongjeon Hall is the main hall in Changyeonggung Palace. Of all the palaces in Seoul, it is the oldest remaining main hall. In front of the building, wide and flat rectangular stones can be found in the courtyard. At the center of this courtyard is a three level walkway, whereby the king walks at the center walkway.


Gyeongchunjeon Hall

Gyeongchunjeon Hall was the sleeping residence of the wife of the deceased king at Changgyeonggung Palace. Also, many of the Joseon kings were born in this hall.


Hwangyeongjeon Hall

Hwangyeongjeon Hall is located near the Gyeongchunjeon Hall. This hall was the sleeping residence for kings, princes, and their wives while they were at Changgyeonggung Palace.


Haminjeong Pavilion

Haminjeong Pavilion was the area where the king received high performing civil and military officials and held banquets.


Daeonsil (Great Greenhouse)

Daeonsil (Great Greenhouse) is an enclosed botanical garden that was built in 1909. Its design is based on The Crystal Palace’s design in London, England featuring pointed arches and window frames.

Admission to Changyeonggung Palace costs 1, 000 won for adults and 500 won for children. It is closed every Monday and accepts admission at least one hour before the closing time. Regarding its operating hours, please refer below:

April – October – Opens from 9:00am until 06:30pm
November and March – Opens from 9:00am until 05:30pm
December – February – Opens from 9:00am until 05:00pm

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