Innovation Guidance Project 2016 – Water Conservation


It was 2015 when I submitted the project proposal to ECDA for Innovation Guidance Project 2016, and on the same year, it was granted! The project commenced on March 2016 and ended on October 2016. Documentation of the project was submitted on December 2016.

To start off the project, we conducted provocation with the K2 children through a storytelling. This was done to arouse their interest on the topic “Water Conservation”.

We, then, began to gather information to build children’s knowledge on water conservation. Activities include Kiddy Carwash, Field Trip to Yiu Chu Kang Swimming Complex, Water Filter, Water Filter Parent-Child Project, Saving Water at Home and Water Measurement.

To conclude the project and let the children demonstrate the things they learned, the children created posters, composed songs and led the Save Water Drive activity.

This Innovation Guidance Project has been instrumental to developing children’s scientific skills in our centre. The children were also able to advocate water conservation in their home and in their community through Save Water Drive activity. We thank ECDA for granting us fund to carry out this project!


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