Sinigang na Salmon (Salmon Soup): A Filipino Cuisine

I usually eat in Kabayan Restaurant, which is located at the 3rd floor of Lucky Plaza (in Singapore). I know what food they always prepare; I know which recipe is new to the restaurant.

Last week, I brought my boyfriend for the first time in Kabayan. The restaurant had “sinigang na salmon” or salmon soup. Salmon is my favorite fish, and so, without a second thought, I ordered it. It was very delicious when I tasted the dish!

I searched the internet how to cook sinigang na salmon. I came across a recipe that says need to “saute garlic and onion” as the first step. I did not follow that. Instead, I had my own simple version. I boiled water. Then, added the salmon fish. After 5 minutes, I added okra. I also seasoned it with Magic Sarap.


Lastly, I served it hot… and all the words that came out from my boyfriend was “Perfect!”, “This is very tasty!” and “Best soup ever!”


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