Why I meditate


Meditation is done either for religious purposes or relaxation reasons. People who meditate sit down, focus their mind and continue to breathe with all awareness.

I have started meditating in 2015 because I was mending a broken heart. I started doing yoga in 2013, influenced by my Buddhist friends. Two years later, I began to meditate. By doing meditation, I became connected with myself.

Though I have moved on from my past relationship, I still continue to meditate for relaxation purposes. Our mind, like our body, needs some rest. It works at most 12 hours or more. It needs some rest… give it at least 10 minutes to rest.

I do meditation for at least 10 to 20 minutes every day in the morning after I do my simple yoga routine. At first, I was skeptical in doing meditation… another being might take over my body… But then, I still tried it for there is no harm in doing it. There are times, I will miss out meditating, but since it has become part of my daily routine, I will always come back to my meditative practice.

If you ask me what meditation has done to my life, I would say that my life has been so much better and happier since I started meditating. The emotional area of my life has improved. Before, if I wanted to achieve something, I would feel terrible if I did not achieve it. But now, I can control my emotions and I have learned to let go of the things that should be let go.

Another good thing that meditation has done to me is I have become more aware of what I want. I become conscious of what I do at the present moment, rather than imagining the future or dwelling in the past.

Lastly, I become compassionate, not yet fully maybe, but more or less, I can say that I am there. In the past, I did not understand the plight of some people. At least now, I somewhat know how to listen and I have become more attentive to their needs.

Meditation has changed my life. My life has been worry free and peaceful internally. This is why I share my story about meditation to encourage others to meditate as well for a happier and peaceful life.


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