To achieve a balanced life is to assess our life

New Year is the time for making resolutions. Before we make our new year’s resolution, we should be able to assess how our life was doing in the previous year. I would like to share with you the Wheel of Life below.


This was from my favorite book “Be. Do. Live.” by Rajeev Dewan. This was purchased 8 years ago.

In our adult years, we are busy juggling multiple areas of our life such as career, family, finances, relationships, health and many others. There will be areas in our life that are doing great, while there are other areas that are not doing well. If we want all areas of our life to do well, then we need to make a plan of action:

  1. Assess our life. The Wheel of Life above will help us. We have to determine the areas of our life that matters to us and write down what we have been doing on those areas.
  2. Identify which area of our life needs more attention. Is it Finances? Is it Relationship? Is it Career?
  3. List down the actions we will take to improve them. Have a time frame. Take action. Follow through.
  4. Then from time to time, we refer again to our Wheel of Life to find out whether we are moving towards the achievement of a balanced life we are aiming.

Happy New Year, Happy New You, Happy New Yeah!



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