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“Ming’s Kung Fu Adventure in the Shaolin Temple” by Li Jian

“Ming’s Kung Fu Adventure in the Shaolin Temple” is a multicultural book for children. Read this book to introduce the Chinese culture to your children!

Book Title: Ming’s Kung Fu Adventure in the Shaolin Temple

Author/Illustrator: Li Jian

Central Topic/Theme: Chinese culture


After Ming’s martial arts class in his school, his parents brought him to the birth place of Kung Fu in Henan Province in China. There he met Joe, his new friend, who brought him to the cave to meet the master of kung fu, who turns out to be the founder of Zen Buddhism.

Questions to ask

  1. Who are the characters in the story?
  2. Where did Ming and Joe go? Why?
  3. Who did they meet in the cave? If you were Ming and Joe, what would you want to learn from him?

Extension activities

  • Try kung fu moves.
  • Create a Chinese craft such as fan, dragon, etc.
  • Cook dumplings.