Humanity is alive in Brunei: Brunei (From my experience)


I am not going to tell you about the history of Brunei because that is readily available in Google. What I will tell you in this blog is (read the title).

It is my goal to visit all the ASEAN countries… and so, I am happy that at last I have visited Brunei, which was my plan long time ago.

We all know that Brunei is a tiny but rich country. Thanks to its oil reserve! Google says that they are the fifth richest nation in the world out of 182 countries. But hey, I do not want to tell you something you can find in Google. What I can say about Brunei is that they have the kindest people on Earth!

Upon arrival, I met a chatty driver who picked me up from the airport. At the hotel, the receptionist offered to bring me to Royal Regalia Museum for 5 BND. After appreciating the artefacts in the museum, I went to Saifuddien Mosque. Here, I met three friendly Filipina tourists. Then, I went to Kampong Ayer. In Kampong Ayer, I met a family who joined me in the water taxi from Kampong Ayer to Nurul Istana Iman to the monkey area and then back again to Kampong Ayer. They brought me to their house in Kampong Ayer and to the only mosque in Kampong Ayer.

I thought, our tour ends in Kampong Ayer. But then, I was wrong. They gave me a ride to Nurul Istana Iman (this time, by car), Bolkiah Mosque, Gadong Night Market and back to my hotel.

Humanity is alive! Thanks to this family! Transportation is difficult in Brunei, but they made it easy for me!

A family with ten children and their house in Kampong Ayer as our background

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