Omar Ali Saifuddien Mosque


One should not miss Saifuddien Mosque when visiting Brunei. It is the tallest structure in the city centre. There was a time when one structure became taller than this mosque, the Sultan ordered to remove its top storey.

What’s so special about this mosque?

This mosque sits in an artificial lagoon. It was built using materials imported from other countries:

  • The floor and walls are made of marbles from Italy
  • The chandeliers were crafted in England
  • The carpets are from Saudi Arabia

Also, the mosque’s dome is covered with pure gold. Inside, it has elevator personally for the Majesty.

Tourists cannot tour inside the mosque. There is a certain spot where one can stand and see the mosque’s interior. Cameras are not allowed as well.

The part that I like in this mosque is its linkway to the ceremonial ship, the place where they hold quran reading competitions. That’s where I had the chance to take a picture!


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