“Save Water, Save Life” Project – Week 3

Field trip preparation

The children have different roles to play as they go for their field trip. Some of them will be interviewer, camera man or audio man. They created their own tags ahead of the field trip so that their roles would be identified.


Field trip

The staff at the swimming complex oriented us with the safety rules as we go inside the Filtration Room.


Before we went in the Filtration Room, Lifeguard H showed us how filtration is being done using a tea strainer. Lifeguard H explained that they filter dirty water to make it clean again.

tea strainer

They gave opportunity for the children to smell and identify plain water and water with chlorine.


In the Filtration room, the staff explained to the children how they clean the water to be used again in the pool.

filtration room

It had been a wonderful learning experience for all of us!



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