“Save Water, Save Life” Project – Week 1


save water

Setting up the environment

There was consultation conducted with the children before setting up this corner. They were asked the sources of water or places where they could find water. Answers included beach, swimming pool, ocean, dams, etc. Since we needed to choose only one place, they voted, and of course, “majority wins” applied. We had “Beach” at the Theme Play Corner. In this corner, the children can play, and at the same, learn and develop.


Lesson implementation


Read the book “Water Wally Adventures” to the children. This book teaches children what can be done to save water. It also explains the water cycle.

20160331_100518Car Washing Day! After reading the book “Water Wally Adventures”, the children went to the playground and washed the cars. They applied what they learned from the book regarding saving water.


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