Innovation Guidance Project 2016 – “The Earth We Share” Training


It was on the 24th of May when we attended the IGP training at the Science Centre. This was conducted by the ECDA personnel and the Science Centre staff. The ECDA personnel oriented us about the Innovation Guidance Project that we would undertake. Thereafter, the Science Centre staff took over and gave us various engaging activities that we could do for the children. They also toured us around the Science Centre and showed us what they had for future field trips that could strengthen children’s learning.




The staff of Science Centre showed us the replica of the Earth where teachers can bring their students for them to understand better the Layers of the Earth such as the core, mantle and crust.



After the tour, we did some hands-on activities like the water cycle experiment whereby hot water was poured in a jar and a tray of ice cubes were placed on top. Minutes passed by, the moisture appeared and then began to drop. The hot water stands for “evaporation”, the ice cubes stands for “condensation” and the moisture stands for the “precipitation”.


Another activity to explain why it rains is placing cottons on top of a sack cloth and pouring water on it. After how many minutes, water started to drop.


Before we left the Eco Garden, we scooped 500ml of water in the pond to be used in our water filtration activity.


Lastly, we made a terrarium. We put pebbles and soil in the jar before planting. We watered the plants and closed the lid.


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