Things We Learned about Shadow

shadow Please welcome my K2 children as they experience their first blog writing on things they learned about “Shadow”. In this activity, they encoded their learnings gained about “Shadow”, and by doing so, they learned the functions of shift, space bar and backspace. Good start, kids!

I learned about transparent and translucent and  opaque the light will pass through the transparent objects. -Teanie

The sun shine on my water bottle Then have shadow. -Qin Yu

When I go and shine my torch light I saw the cow become a monkey. -Taeden Chan

Shadow  is  black  because the  object is blocking  the  light. -jadon  lee jia  jun

I learned a about opaque can make shadow. -zoe

When I did activity my friend keep on moving then I canot see the shadow. -Trixie

I observe when my torch light blink the shadow also blink. -terrence

Shadow canfoiiow me. -bernt chee

I learned abut opaque translucent transparent. opaque and translucentcan make shadow. -kay

The glue makes shadow because we turnth thet to nch light. -chloe

WHen  the sunshine the oject has shadow. -YonG li ze

The toys and people   have         shadow               because             light              is           blocked. -Travis

I learned a new thig if the shadow is light it  will form a shadow if its dark it    will not form a  shadow. -jolynn

When we take a objects then  we shine the torch light on to  the objects then it form a  shadow. fred

When thetorchlighet shine the papertwo sides will have shadow. -jayden Yeo

Opaque objects make a shadow.
Translucent objects do not make a shadow.



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