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Make your own rainstick using recycled materials

Our topic for this term is “Rain”. One of our activities include making a rainstick using recycled materials.

The materials needed are the following:

  • tissue roll
  • clear plastic bag
  • rubber band
  • paper cut outs (coloured paper, magazines, newspaper, etc)
  • glue
  • aluminum foil
  • rice, macaroni and/or beans

Here is how to create your DIY rainstick:

  • Decorate the outside part of the tissue roll. My K1 children used decoupage as an art technique to beautify their rainstick. 20170407_160805
  • Roll and twirl the aluminom foil and put it inside the tissue roll to make the beans/rice/macaroni twirl slowly. 20170407_161402
  • Cover tissue role’s one hole with clear plastic and rubber band. 20170407_161810
  • Put the sound source or sound maker inside. Do you want rice? Beans? Macaroni? Or combination? 20170407_161938
  • Cover the other hole… and there you have it! Your very own rainstick! 20170407_162206

Creating a rainstick is a good activity for Music lesson or when your topic is about rain or saving the earth.


Have fun! 😉