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“That Rule Doesn’t Apply to Me” by Julia Cook

“That Rule Doesn’t Apply to Me” is a story book about a boy who does not understand why we should follow rules, and then later on, changes his perception on why rules need to be followed.

Book Title: That Rule Doesn’t Apply to Me

Author/Illustrator: Julia Cook/Anita DuFalla

Central Topic/Theme: following rules


Noodle doesn’t like to follow rules. Because of that, he usually gets into trouble. Until one day, he realized the importance of following rules.

Questions to ask

  1. Why does Noodle do not like to follow rules?
  2. Do you have rules at home/school? What are those?
  3. Is it important to follow those rules? Why?

Extension activities

  • Write at least three rules to follow in class/at home.
  • Interview a friend or a person of rules they follow at home.
  • Write a sentence or a short paragraph of why it is important to follow rules.