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“We are Brothers, We are Friends” by Alexandra Penfold

“We are Brothers, We are Friends” is a book that shows a loving and caring brother.

Book Title: We are Brothers, We are Friends

Author/Illustrator: Alexandra Penfold/Eda Kaban

Central Topic/Theme: brothers, family


The older brother does many things together with his little brother. He is always to the rescue when his little brother is in need of help.

Questions to ask

  1. What are the things that the two brothers do together?
  2. Do you have a brother? What are the things do you do together with your brother?
  3. Does the older brother in the story love his little brother? Do you love your brother? Why?

Extension activities

  • Draw the activity that you like to do together with your brother.
  • “My brother and I” team-building activity.
  • Draw a portrait of your brother using acrylic paint.