“When Grandad Was a Penguin” by Morag Hood

“When Grandad was a Penguin” is a hilarious story, but will surely make readers and listeners wonder and be curious.

Book Title: When Grandad was a Penguin

Author: Morag Hood

Central Topic/Theme: Family/Grandad/Grandchild


The little girl spent her time in her grandpa’s place, only to find out that her grandpa was behaving a little different.

Questions to ask

  1. Where did the child go?
  2. Why did she think that her grandad seemed to be a little different?
  3. What happened to her grandad?
  4. Why do you think her grandad was in the zoo?
  5. Would you like to have a penguin as your grandad? Why?

Extension activities

  • Use adjectives or descriptive words to describe a penguin. Create a mind map and allow children to write or throw in words that describe a penguin.
  • Penguin collage. Let children make a collage of a penguin.
  • Conduct simple research about “penguins”. Let children conduct a simple research about penguins answering the question/s “what do they eat”, “where do they live”, etc.

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