Springtime Activity: Nature Sensory Bottles

Spring season is the time where trees begin to grow and flowers start to blossom. Therefore, Springtime is perfect for learning nature or having kids immersed with the beauty of nature.

One activity that the children can do during Spring season is to gather twigs, dried leaves and dried flowers from their environment and store them in a clean plastic bottle.

This activity is perfect from infants up to Kindergarteners. Younger children like Infants and Toddlers can enjoy the sound that the twigs, dried petals and dried leaves make when they shake the bottles.

Children from four years and above can have a Community Walk, whereby on their way to their destination, they can pick up nature items that they want to keep in their Sensory Bottles. Let the children display their Sensory Bottles once they are back in the classroom.

This activity is simple but meaningful to the children. By doing this activity, they are immersed into the nature, and at the same time, they can learn certain concepts like parts of a plant, different textures and many more.


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