“How do you take a bath?” by Kate McMullan

“How Do You Take a Bath?” is a good story to read to the children about bathing!

Book Title: How Do You Take a Bath?

Author: Kate McMullan

Central Topic/Theme: hygiene, self-care


This book shows how each animal bathe themselves. How about the boy? How did he bathe?

Questions to ask

  1. What is the story all about?
  2. How do the animals bathe themselves?
  3. How do you bathe yourself?
  4. Is it important to bathe or take a shower? Why?
  5. What other hygiene practices do you do to make yourself clean?

Extension activities

  • Water Play. Children loves water play! Prepare a bucket with water and add some toys in it.
  • Sequential drawing. Older children may draw the order of how they shower themselves.
  • Show and Tell. Place in a basket some things that are used for showering or cleaning one self. Let children pick one and talk about it.

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