“Well done, Little White Fish” by Guido van Genechton

“Well done, Little White Fish” is a story about sea creatures and what each creature can do. Your little preschooler will surely love this book!

Book Title: Well done, Little White Fish

Author: Guido van Genechten

Central Topic/Theme: Sea creatures, movement/actions


All Little White Fish’s friends can do something. How about Little White Fish? Little White Fish can swim, and his friends are all in awe. “Wow, we can’t do that!” they tell Little White Fish.

Questions to ask

  1. What are the sea creatures you saw in the book?
  2. What can they do?
  3. Can Little White Fish’s friends swim like him? Why?
  4. Can you swim like Little White Fish?
  5. If you are a sea creature, which one would you like to be?

Extension activities

  • Sing the song “All the fishes are swimming in the water” or “Once I caught a fish alive”. If the children are older, introduce the lyrics of the song/rhyme. Sing the song or recite the rhyme together with the children. You may let the children suggest actions for the song/rhyme.
  • Sea creatures diorama. Let each child choose a sea creature they want to draw/make. Allow your children to help you in creating a “sea backdrop” using a box. Hang/Arrange children’s sea creature artwork in the box. It should look like sea creatures in the ocean.
  • Simon says. Say the movement/action, and let the children do it. For example, you say “swim”, the children should do the “swim” action. For variation, you may say the name of the sea creature and the children will do the action of the sea creature.

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