Start with a clean slate: Happy New Year!

What is good about the New Year? For me, what’s good about the New Year is we get to have the chance to start anew. We can make new year’s resolutions and start the year fresh.

It was December 2019 when COVID hit us. That was two years ago! Some of us might have been better because of the pandemic, but others for sure have been greatly affected by it physically, emotionally, mentally, financially and socially. The pandemic has transformed us in so many ways – the way how we work and the way how we learn. Basically, it changes the way how we used to approach life, and whether we like it or not, we learn how to live with it. It has become part of our life.

Despite the challenges the past year or years may have brought us, the bottom line is we can always start the New Year with a clean slate. Do not dwell about the past; learn to move forward. We can always restart and begin living our best life. 

Happy New Year and I wish you will achieve what you are aiming for!


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