“The Picky Eater” by Betsy Parkinson

“The Picky Eater” is a book about Piglet, who is a fussy eater. When you have a child who is one, this book is a good read to jumpstart conversation on being a picky eater and come up with ideas how to try other kinds of food.

Book Title: The Picky Eater

Author: Betsy Parkinson

Central Topic/Theme: being picky with food


Piper is picky with her food. She only eats food that starts with letter “p”. Do you think she will learn to eat other types of food?

Questions to ask

  1. What food does Piper like to eat? Can you give examples of those food?
  2. What made Piper eat other types of food?
  3. Are you a picky eater? Why or why not?
  4. What food do you like to eat?
  5. How will you learn to eat other types of food?

Extension activities

  • Introduce the letter “p” and its letter sound. Let children name or look for objects that begin with letter “p”.
  • Talk with your child the importance of food (e.g. benefits of carbohydrates, proteins and vitamins and minerals to the body).
  • Have food tasting whereby the kids will describe the food they have tasted and guess its name.

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