Mid-autumn festival activities for preschool children

Mid-autumn festival, also known as Lantern Festival or Mooncake Festival, is an occasion whereby Chinese families reunite to enjoy watching the moon in their balconies. During this time of year, the lantern serves as the light in their homes. They also make mooncake, which is a shape of a moon.

Here are the activities that you can do when celebrating Mid-autumn festival in school:

  1. Read the book “Moon Festival Wishes” by Jillian Lin. This book tells how the Chinese celebrate Mid-autumn Festival. In addition, this book also has additional story entitled “The Story of the Moon Festival”.

2. Make a paper lantern. Lantern is a famous art and craft that kids usually make not only during Mid-autumn festival, but also, during the Chinese New Year.

3. Have a moon cake tasting. Bring various flavors of mooncake to school and let children taste them. The children may describe the mooncake and compare their differences in terms of taste.

Have a joyful Mid-autumn Festival celebration!


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