Five Edubuntu applications that kindergarten teachers and parents can use to engage their children

Edubuntu is part of the Ubuntu operating system that is designed for use in the classroom. There are many applications that can be installed from Edubuntu starting from Preschool to Tertiary School.

Here are the top five Edubuntu applications that kindergarten teachers and parents can use to engage their children either while learning in school or at  home:

1. Tux Paint. This is a program where the children can paint. It is similar to Microsoft Paint, however, Tux Paint is much simpler and easy to use for younger children. It is good for children as this program is open-ended and the children can express themselves and show their creativity while using this application.

2. Tux Math. Tux Math is an Edubuntu application that involves various mathematical equations for the children to answer. What is good about this application is that it targets the differentiated instruction. The children can start adding and subtracting numbers within the sum of five, and then, progress on to ten and so on. Tux Math also has multiplication and division, which is good for primary pupils. Moreover, the children can practice their speed in calculation as they play this game.

3. GCompris. GCompris is part of Edubuntu application, which has many educational games in it. In this program, you can find Math games, Literacy games and Logic games among others. Your children will definitely like this game!

4. Kanagram. Kanagram is a program in Edubuntu that enhances children’s thinking by making a guess. The children has to guess the word with the clue and jumbled up words given. This is a game that enhances children’s thinking as well as their prowess in spelling words.

5. KHangman. KHangman is the same as the hangman that teachers play with the children. In this game, there are different categories that the children can choose from. The word that the children have to guess will come from the selected category. This game is available in various languages. If you are teaching Italian, Russian or other languages, you can use this game for your children.


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