A doctor’s recommendation for mental health: Relieving stress, fear or anxiety

There are a number of factors in our life that can cause stress, fear or anxiety. The recent situation on COVID-19 adds on to this strain. What can we do at this time when more people are stressed or are experiencing fear or anxiety?

Here are the four ways recommended by a doctor to relieve stress, fear or anxiety:

  • Have enough rest. Adults need to sleep for 7 to 9 hours a day. Sleep is needed for optimum health and well-being. People tend to retain information and perform better on memory tasks after sleep. Enough sleep will help people to restore and rejuvenate, grow muscle, repair tissue, and synthesize hormones.
  • Exercise. People do not only do exercise to have a good physique. Exercise also helps to relieves stress, improves memory, have a better sleep, and boost overall mood.
  • Drink water. Drinking enough water is also good for mental health. Dehydration or having not enough water in the body can affect mood and make it more difficult to concentrate.
  • Pray. “If you are religious, pray!” the exact words uttered by the doctor. God is a source of comfort and strength. When people pray, it gives us emotional comfort and makes us protected.

Let us protect our body amid COVID-19 threat! Let us also protect our mental health!


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