What to share more on social media amid COVID-19 to avoid panic among people

COVID-19 is now spreading in over 100 countries. Iran, South Korea and Italy are virus-hit countries next to China. People are on panic buying essential COVID-19 items such as mask, alcohol, sanitizer and other necessities. What should be done to help people not to panic?

Share positive information on social media. These positive information include the number of cases who were discharged from the hospital and the number of cases who have recovered from COVID-19. Another positive information can be, for example, the state of the art technologies being developed to contain the spread of the virus or the government health benefits that are being offered for those who want to be tested or who want to recover from COVID-19.

Share factual information from the authorities. Share information that are correct. This information usually comes from the government authorities or educational institutions. If you are to share a website, look for the domain extension with .gov or .edu.

Share valuable information to others. Share information that will help others. For example, you may want to share how to wash hands properly or how to distance yourself from others to avoid getting infected by the virus. You may also want to share helpful information such as the recent measures implemented by your country to make your family and friends aware of them.

The spread of the virus can be controlled if we approach it with calmness. We also need to unite as one as the battle against COVID-19 is everyone’s responsibility.


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