“The Girl and the Bicycle” by Mark Pett

“The Girl and the Bicycle” is a picture book for kids. As it has no text, it is good in developing children’s creativity and imagination by interpreting the picture on their own.

Book Title: The Girl and the Bicycle

Author/Illustrator: Mark Pett

Central Topic/Theme: money management for kids


A picture book about a girl who wanted to buy a bicycle. Her money was not enough, so she tried to find ways to earn money. She saved up until she had enough amount to buy the bicycle she wanted. But when she went to the store to buy the bicycle, it was not there. Where could her bicycle be? Listen to the story to find out what happened to the bicycle.

Questions to ask

  1. What does the girl want to buy?
  2. What did she do to buy the bicycle?
  3. Do you have something in your mind that you want to buy? What will you do to be able to buy the item you want?

Extension activities

  • Conduct a selling activity.
  • Do coin rubbing.
  • Go outdoors and bike with your child/children.

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