“The Little Gardener” by Emily Hughes

“The Little Gardener” is a story about a boy and his garden.

Book Title: The Little Gardener

Author/Illustrator: Emily Hughes

Central Topic/Theme: nature, garden. gardener


The boy loved his garden so much! It was his home, his supper, his joy. He works tirelessly for his garden, but he is not good in gardening, just because he was only a little boy. With his perseverance, there was one thing that blossom – and that was a flower! He worked day and night until he was tired. He wished to have someone who can help him in the garden. No one heard his voice, but a little girl came and saw the flower! She began tending to the flower, and when the boy woke up, the garden transformed into a blooming wonderland!

Questions to ask

  1. How did the boy take care of his garden?
  2. Do  you have plants at home? How do you take care of them?
  3. What is the importance of plants to us?

Extension activities

  • Do a planting activity.
  • Bring the children out for a nature walk. Let them talk about the plants they see.
  • Create a leaf printing art activity.

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