“Be Kind” by Pat Zietlow Miller

“Be Kind” is a book you can use as a springboard if you want to teach your children about kindness.

Book Title: Be Kind

Author/Illustrator: Pat Zietlow Miller/Jen Hill

Central Topic/Theme: Kindness


Tanisha spilled her grape juice, and everyone laughed. However, the girl remembered what her mom always told her – to be kind. Find out what she did to make Tanisha feel better!

Questions to ask

  1. What did the other children do when Tanisha spilled her grape juice? Would you do the same?
  2. What will you do when you see other children laughing at your friend?
  3. How do you show kindness to your friends or other people?

Extension activities

  • Make a “kindness” bracelet and give to a friend.
  • Write a “thank you” letter and give to a friend who has been kind.
  • Draw a picture of one “kind” thing that they want to do from now on.

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