“Eyeglasses” by Margarita del Mazo

“Eyeglasses” is a book showing all the different kinds of eye glasses. It is good to read to children to spark discussion on eye glasses.

Book Title: Eyeglasses

Author/Illustrator: Margarita del Mazo

Central Topic/Theme: Eyeglasses, eyes


Charlie did everything he could to be noticed by Ines. However, it did not work. He was excited when Ines bought a new pair of glasses because he thought he would start to notice him. But, it did not happen. Charlie began to think to take a new pair of glasses to get everyone’s attention, including Ines. When he wore his new eye glass, he was able to see very clearly who deserves his attention.

Questions to ask

  1. What does Charlie want?
  2. Did Ines notice him? Who noticed him?
  3. Of these eyeglasses, which pair of eyeglass would you want to have? Why?

Extension activities

  • Make a 3D eyeglass craft.
  • Find out ways on how to take care of the eyes.
  • Visit an optical shop or have a dialogue with an ophthalmologist or an optometrist.

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