Kondo-ing your pantry: Five tips from Marie Kondo

Have you tried kondo-ing your closet? Now, let’s move from kondo-ing your closet to kondo-ing your pantry!

Here are the five tips from Marie Kondo to help you declutter your pantry:

Gather all the items from your pantry.

Check the items’ dates. Discard those items that are already expired.

Find boxes to keep items.

Keep those items that are not yet expired. Find a home to store them. This home can be boxes where you can place those items you decided to keep. One concept of KonMari is finding a home for things that spark joy in your life!

Sort food items according to type.

Organize your pantry according to food type. It will be easy for you to retrieve the item later on when you need it.

Store items in an upright position.

Items should be kept upright so that those items can be seen right away at one glance. This technique also saves space and time.

Be aware of the quantities you have in your pantry.

Now that you have organized the items on your pantry, count the items that you have. Replenish items that needs to be replenished. Take note not to buy too much. Buy only what is needed.


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