KonMari method: Marie Kondo’s way of tidying up

Marie Kondo is making rounds on social media the past few weeks after her series of shows in Netflix and guest appearances in the US. She is known to everyone because of the famous KonMari method, her ways of tidying things up. KonMari, interestingly, is not only beneficial for people in terms of saving space, time and money. There is more to this! In an article posted by CNN, it states that KonMari is a spiritual activity, which is good for the soul.

How does Marie Kondo organize things?

Step 1: Start with one category.

We have numerous items in the house such as books, clothes, and others. Identify the items that you want to organize first.

Step 2: Gather them all together.

After deciding on what item to organize, gather all the items together in one place. This will make you ready for the next step.

Step 3: Choose items which spark joy.

“Spark joy” means something that gives you happiness. For example, if you feel happy wearing that piece of cloth on some occasions, then you may keep it. However, “spark joy” is not only what is giving you happiness, but also what is functional to you. For example, if you are a teacher and you have a whiteboard and let’s say a whiteboard does not make you happy. But since you need it, you should keep it!

Step 4:Thank the items that need to be discarded.

So now that you have chosen items that spark joy, the next step is to discard those items that do not spark joy. Before you do that, Marie Kondo advises you to thank them first for having served you well!

Step 5: Store things in a way that it is easy to be seen.

Since you have already discarded the items that do not spark joy, what you need to do now is to store those things that spark joy! Marie Kondo recommends to store things in a vertical way or upright position, where things can be easily seen.

After Marie Kondo launched her KonMari method, it has changed the life of many. Why not try KonMari in your life? Or have you?



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