Code of conduct for travellers

When traveling, we have to be responsible. We need to ensure that we are not damaging the environment or harming anyone while we are on our trip.

There are rules that travelers need to abide while enjoying the beauty of their destination. These rules are the following:

1. Do not litter. Throw your rubbish in the bin. If you are outside doing your tour, bring a plastic bag with you where you can keep your trash for the meantime. When you reach your place to rest, you can throw these rubbish in the right place.

2. Do not take a picture of the local’s face without asking permission. Ask permission if you want to take someone’s picture, and worse, do not share it on the internet without approval. You have to respect the person’s privacy.

3. Do not give money to the children on the streets. You do not know where these children come from. While they look innocent, other people may have been using them to extract money from tourists.

4. Do not take service from the street vendors or brokers. Those people selling on the streets may either charge you higher than the usual price or lesser. Whatever price they give, may it be higher or lower, get service from the right place because they are legal and they pay tax properly.

5. Buy from the local vendors. Help the country improve their GDP by buying items that are made locally. Appreciate the things made by their local artists, designers, etc.

Now that you are aware of the traveler’s code of conduct, be willing to apply them in your next travel. Be a responsible traveler! Leave nothing behind, only footprints!


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