Blood Donation Drive

To investigate more about blood, our K2 children went to witness a Blood Donation Drive. Here they had the chance to witness how a blood donation drive was done, observe how blood was taken out from a person, see the tools and equipment needed to take blood and interview a person who was knowledgeable about blood.

The children themselves were empowered to do the activity. They did a great job with their roles. They were seen serious with the task they needed to do. They knew the structure of a formal interview and how to operate a camera and an audio-recorder.

In the future, when similar activity is to be done, the event can be structured in this way:

1. Have children go around the different processes before a person can donate blood such as registering their names and then screening.

2. Interview the Donor Manager. Do a formal interview. Ask prepared questions.

3. Let children observe the blood extraction focusing on what needs to be done before taking blood, what are the tools and equipment needed to take blood and how blood flows from the person’s body to the bag.

4. Do an informal interview. Ask questions to the person who donated blood and the nurses. This should be done after the donation, and not when the blood is being taken out as this might stress the person donating blood and the nurse who is performing his/her duty.

5. Group photo and giving of tokens. At the end of the activity, pass the token of appreciation to the host as a sign of gratitude and then take a picture.

Overall, it was a good opportunity for the children to interact with various people to get information about blood.

Thank you Red Cross Singapore and NCS for accommodating our curious learners!


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