Blood Model: The Four Components of Blood

Learning about blood can be unfathomable to 6-year old children. However, with diagrams and models, it is easy for kids to have a better understanding of topics as such that might be too abstract for them.

Here is how we made the Blood Model in class to make children visualize the four components of blood.

Materials needed

  • white styrofoam – white blood cells (fight germs)
  • red cloth – red blood cells (carry oxygen from the lungs to all parts of the body)
  • red styrofoam – platelets (help in blood clotting to prevent bleeding)
  • water with yellow food colour – plasma (carry blood components to all parts of the body)
  • clear plastic water bottle


  • Let the child put the white styrofoam, red cloth, red styrofoam and water in the bottle.
  • Add yellow food colour to make the plasma (water) appear yellow in colour.

As children put the materials in the bottle, the teacher or the adult may ask what each of the material represents. Also, the teacher or the adult can further ask the function of each blood component.


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