My Top 5 travel mishaps and how novice travellers can learn from it


Traveling is not always smooth no matter how long or how much time you spent on planning. There will always be cases that unforeseen circumstances will arise. Here are my travel mishaps in the past years:

  1. Stuck in Puerto Galera with my parents due to typhoon. It is a standard operating procedure that once there is typhoon, modes of sea transportation is prohibited to travel for safety reasons. My parents and I decided to travel to Calapan from Puerto Galera thinking that they might allow sea vessels or ships to travel. However, none of them traveled as advised by coast guards. My parents and I had to sleep at the port waiting for the next travel schedule. I had to rebook and rebook my ticket for my flight to Singapore. (Lesson learned: When going to an island in the Philippines, visit that island first then be in Manila 3 or 4 days before your flight. In case, there will be typhoon on that island, at least you will not keep rebooking your ticket.)
  2.  Arrived a day earlier in Boracay and had to pay additional night for the room. I got mistake looking at the time of departure. I thought, the travel date was (for example) 12am of 2 November, but in fact, it was 12am of 1 November. Good thing my whole group discovered it on the day of our flight. And so, we hurriedly packed our things and took the flight. (Lesson learned: Double check your itinerary and pay attention not only to flight date but also to flight time.)
  3. Paid money for 20kg luggage from Seoul. I usually do not do shopping when traveling. I like to see places rather than to shop. But, Seoul is a different case! I love Korean fashion and Korean products, so I told myself I needed luggage for the things I would buy. It was my mistake in the booking. I put 20kg luggage from Singapore instead of from Seoul. I had to pay for my 20kg luggage in Seoul. (Lesson learned: Double check your booking.)
  4.  Missed a domestic flight. From Cambodia, I flew to Kuala Lumpur and supposed to fly from there to Manila to catch my domestic flight from Manila to Masbate. However, flight from Kuala Lumpur to Manila was so delayed that I missed my flight! Philippine Airlines could not arrange a different timing for me because it was not the fault of their airlines that I was late. If I flew from KL by Philippine Airlines, they could still assist me. My domestic ticket was wasted… Instead of taking an overnight bus plus a boat to Masbate (which would be very exhausting), I bought flight ticket to Legaspi and take bus and fast craft to Masbate. (Lesson learned: If taking connecting flights, better to book the same airlines. If need to book different airlines, provide one or two days gap.)
  5. Cancelled flights by Jetstar. I avoided using AirAsia because I had three experiences with them wherein they were always delayed. So, in my recent trip, I told myself to book any airlines but not AirAsia. However, anything is possible to happen to anyone! Jetstar messaged me half a hour before I left my house that my flight was cancelled without giving me options. I had to call them and tell them that I really needed to fly to Hanoi as I needed to fly from there to Laos on the next day. They heeded to my request, but then, my time and energy had been wasted. (Lesson learned: Delayed flights or cancelled flights can happen to any airlines.)

Traveling is fun! But, of course, not everything will come easy! So, aside from reserving memory for your photos, also reserve energy, time and money in case there are unforeseen circumstances to occur. Enjoy traveling!


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