Playeum: Your child’s creativity centre

If you want your child to appreciate art through hands on experience, head to Playeum in Gillman Barracks!

When we visited the place, there were five stations set for the children to explore:

  1. Creative Cave – The cave is made out of cardboard. The children can go inside the cave and have the option to build something using blocks while listening to the different animal sounds.20161020_095255
  2. Dark Space – It has kinetic artwork and sound installation. The children will be able to see how shadows work, and at the same time, listen to the sound of the nature.20161020_113708
  3. Make Believe Hideaway – In this station, the children will use clay to create any object of their interest.20161020_104818
  4. Sound of the Earth – It has various natural materials that children can use to create their own musical instruments.20161020_104757
  5. Knock, Knock, Who Lives There? – Here, the children can use the special surveillance screen to observe various insects. The children may draw the insect and “write a letter” for that insect before putting it in the “mailbox”. 20161020_101054

Playeum also conducts various workshops for the kids. If you will have your trip here, don’t miss this!

Playeum is not only for school field trips. Anyone is welcome to come. Just bring your child. If you want a different art experience for your kid, this is the place!


2 thoughts on “Playeum: Your child’s creativity centre”

  1. I love how interactive and hands-on this is and especially like how you made sounds an important part of it. That’s often overlooked in children’s museums. Kudos!
    Gwynn Torres
    The Creativity Institute


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