What ladies in their twenties should do

A friend came to me and asked for my opinion. She said she was having problem in relationships and career. She missed home. She spent most of her life way back home, but now, she is independently living on her own in another country. Her friends would tell her she changed a lot and these changes were negative to them. She said that only when you face trial that you will see who you’re friends really are.

I could see in her same fate where I was three years ago. I told her not to mind what others will say. As long as, what she does does not affect or hurt others. She should believe on her own, on her own capacity to think and stand up for herself. She is young and a beautiful lady. I am happy that as early as her age she is facing some difficulties… Because these difficulties will make her become a whole person who is ready whatever trials the world will give. The world is a better place to stay… it is better if you are able to compete and fight to survive! You need to fight and have the will to carry on.


We fail, but it doesn’t end there. We need to get up and give life a good fight!

I guess, ladies in there twenties should spend their time discovering themselves. Travel alone. Meditate. Take courses that you enjoy. Pursue your passion. Do yoga. Bungy jump. Sky dive. Whatever you like, do it without limitation (as long as you are not hurting anybody). The experiences you had in your twenties, use it as you strategize or position yourself in the society as you reach your 30s.

To the ladies in their 20s, explore the world and discover yourself!


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