Three ways to make your child eat vegetables


Are you preparing vegetable dish for your children but end up being frustrated because they do not like to eat them?

Here are the three ways you can do to make your child like vegetables:

1. Mix vegetables with their favorite food. You may put lettuce or tomatoes in your children’s egg sandwich. Do it little by little until your child get used to eating vegetables. Vegetables are acquired taste; they will enjoy eating them in time.

2. Inform them what nutrients they can get from vegetables. Tell them that vegetables have vitamins and minerals that protect their body from diseases. For example, carrot is a great source of vitamin A that is good for the eye. Some children will try eating vegetables because of the benefit they can give.

3. Be a good model. You have to show your children that you like eating these vegetables. When they see that you do like veggies, they will try tasting them… and trying is the beginning of all!

If you have tried all these three ways but nothing happened, fret not! As what I have said, it will develop in time. I have not liked eating brinjal until college days! Just be sure that your children are getting the nutrients that they need!

All the best!


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