Three reasons why I love Canva as a graphic design tool

Teachers do a lot of presentations and documentation. They make numerous designs and invitations either for decoration or information dissemination purposes.

I am glad that Canva was introduced to me in 2014 by one of my professors in my online course. Thanks to her! It helps me a lot! Since then, my life as a teacher becomes even lighter (and happier).

Here are the three reasons why I love Canva:

  1. Easy to use. There are a variety of designs available in Canva. All you need is to choose the design you want, and then explore on it by changing and adding texts and pictures.
  2. Cost effective. Many designs in Canva are for free. There are also some designs you need to pay. But, let me tell you this… it’s worth every penny with Canva!
  3. High quality. You will never know it’s high quality unless you use it. But I bet, because I told you that Canva is easy to use and is cost effective, you will try using it! That’s great! Now, you will see for yourself what I meant by high quality. Your output looks like made by a professional graphic designer!

Here is an example of my work I did with Canva:


Canva is not only for teachers. It is for all walks of life who loves and are into graphic designing. I highly recommend Canva! Why not you try using it now?

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