A compilation of Teacher’s Day 2016 messages from my kids

Teachers always receive heart-warming messages from colleagues, parents and children on this day.


Allow me to share with you some messages my children wrote for me.

The girls in my class quietly huddled together and started writing a group letter as a surprise. This was what they wrote for me:


After that, letters from other children came pouring in. Let me highlight one letter. This letter was written by Fred. I am very proud of him because at the beginning of the school year, he was having difficulty in reading. But now, he is an independent reader and he always tells me that he loves to read. Not only that, he can also compose a paragraph and can spell most of the words on his own.

Here’s Fred’s letter, which he gave me two days before Teacher’s Day:


On the day of Teacher’s Day, he gave me again another letter:


 It’s good to receive Teacher’s Day messages like this, but what is more beautiful than this is when you see how much your child has progressed in terms of writing.

Of equal importance, here are what my other children have written for me:


Parents also surprised us with a scrapbook. And these, what my class wrote on that scrapbook:


Dear kids,

Thank you for these letters! I love reading your messages!

I will always be proud of you!


Teacher Sherilyn (with love!)


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