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“Green Eggs and Ham” by Dr Seuss

Kids love this storybook! It is a good book to read when you are learning about rhyming words as there are many rhyming words that can be found in this book. It is a lengthy story, so play with your voice when you read this to children to keep them focused.

Book Title: Green Eggs and Ham

Author/Illustrator: Dr Seuss

Central Topic/Theme: Rhyming words, food


The character didn’t like green eggs and ham, but Sam-I-Am was so persistent in encouraging him to eat. Then, he ate in the end!

Questions to ask

  1. Why do you think the character didn’t like green eggs and ham?
  2. If someone served you green eggs and ham, would you try?
  3. What are the food you do not like to eat?

Extension activities

  • Spot words in the book that rhyme.
  • Food tasting or trying a certain food that the children do not like to eat.
  • Create green eggs and ham using play dough.