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“The wolf who wanted to change his colour” by Orianne Lallelmand

“The wolf who wanted to change his colour” is a good story in teaching children to love themselves and be contented for what they have.

Book Title: The wolf who wanted to change his colour

Author/Illustrator: Orianne Lallelmand

Central Topic/Theme: love yourself, contentment


The wolf tried to be green, pink, and others. But then in the end, he realized that his own colour was better because it made him look like a real wolf.

Questions to ask

  1. What was the original colour of the wolf?
  2. Why did he want to change color?
  3. Would you do the same as what the wolf did? Why?

Extension activities

  • Do a color experiment (mixing colors).
  • Sing the “Seven Days in a Week” song.
  • Make a “wolf” origami.