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Online resource for teachers and parents to support children’s learning at home

As per UNESCO report, thirty-nine countries have shut schools nationwide to slow down the spread of COVID-19. This affects the education of millions of learners. Countries have identified national response to address this issue, and that is to provide distance learning.

How can we support young children’s learning at home? Hope the links below will help teachers as they design their online learning platform and aid parents, too, in conducting worthwhile activities with their children while at home:

Online read aloud. There are almost 100 storybooks in this channel that you can read or watch with your child. You can make it as your e-library. Here are the three ways on what you can do with the video: (1) Just play it and let the children listen; (2) Turn off the sound and read the text by yourself; (3) Turn off the sound and read with the children or let the children read all by themselves.

Simple activity plans. There are over 20 plans here that teachers and parents can refer to. These plans include at least 20 storybooks followed by open-ended questions that can be asked to the children to encourage talk for learning as well as over 50 age and developmentally appropriate activities that can be conducted with the children.

With these questions and activities ready, teachers can save their time as they plan for their online learning activities and resources. Parents can also explore these activities to do with their kids while staying at home.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Teacher Sherilyn.