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Ways every citizen can do to help their countrymen in time of COVID-19

COVID-19 is affecting the lives of many. It has changed the way we live, and no one knows when it will stop. During this time of crisis, we can count on each other to work together in our battle against COVID-19. To fight the virus, we need VIRUS. VIRUS which stands for:

Volunteer. Our soldiers, policemen, doctors, nurses, government workers and leaders are working very hard to make us safe. To be at least of help to them, we can volunteer to help in our own little ways. We can volunteer to bring food to the health workers or to the constituents in our barangay or town. We can volunteer in our subdivision to make sure that everyone is following the stay at home rule. We can volunteer to drive health workers to their place.

Initiate donation. Health care workers especially in the third world countries are lacking personal protective equipment. We can donate tools and equipment to them that they can use to protect themselves as they save us. If personal protective equipment are not readily available, you can make your own that you can donate to them. You can also influence or inspire others to donate, too.

Reassure. Those working around the clock may feel exhausted and burnt out. Appreciate their efforts. Send them inspiring messages. Write them notes of appreciation. Same for those who are victims of COVID-19 and those who lost their jobs brought by this pandemic. Some may suffer psychological stress. What we can do to help them is to be with them in their struggle by listening to them and reassure them that whatever happening now is only temporary.

Unravel complexities. If you have bright ideas and you think it will help others, share it with the rest. You can write it down or you can take a video of yourself sharing your ideas. Who knows someone is reading or watching your video, and that someone has changed or has saved his life because of you.

Stay at home. If you do not want to do anything during the quarantine period, then you can still help your fellow citizens by following the stay at home protocols. Staying at home is very important to help flatten the COVID-19 curve.

Everyone’s help (whether big or small) is vital. Let’s fight the virus with VIRUS!