“The Extraordinary Gardener” by Sam Boughton

Your class theme is about “Plants”? “The Extraordinary Gardener” is one of the books you may use as a springboard for your lesson.

Book Title: The Extraordinary Gardener

Author: Sam Boughton

Central Topic/Theme: Plant


Joe planted a seed. He took care of it. Will his plants grow bigger?

Questions to ask

  1. What did Joe plant?
  2. How did he take care of his plant?
  3. Do you have a plant at home? What plant is it? How do you take care of your plants?
  4. Why do people plant?
  5. If you find out that your plant is not growing, what will you do?

Extension activities

  • Planting Activity. Let the children experience real planting by planting on the soil. If soil is not available, you may use cotton wool for bean planting. Children will observe how much their plants have grown everyday. They can even measure their plants and record them on their journal.
  • Fruit Salad/Vegetable Salad Making. One benefit of plant is it gives us food. Fruit Salad/Vegetable Salad making is a good activity to do in relation to plant theme.
  • Seed Collage. Create a collage artwork using seeds. Children will draw a fruit or a vegetable on a paper. Then, they will paste seeds on their drawing (children to avoid going beyond the outline).

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