How to make a “Tiger Origami”: Chinese New Year art and craft

“Tiger” is one of the Chinese zodiac signs. Why not make a “Tiger Origami” as an art and craft for Chinese New Year?


  1. orange origami paper
  2. black paint and a paint brush (or a black marker)
  3. scissors (optional)


  1. Place the orange square origami paper flat down on a table.

2. Fold the paper to make a triangle.

3. Fold the top part of the triangle.

4. Take the right flap and fold it up.

5. Do the same for the left flap.

6. Draw the tiger’s eyes, face, whiskers and stripes.

There you go! Now you have your “Tiger Origami”. You may extend this activity by making it into a card.

To make it as a card, paste the “Tiger Origami” onto a paper. Allow your child to write “Happy Chinese New Year” or “Gong Xi Fa Cai” or “Xin Nian Kuai Le”.


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