“Tiger Has a Tantrum” by Sue Graves

“Tiger has a tantrum” is a book about tantrums and how the character has overcome it. This book is a good book to read to teach your kids how to deal with their emotions especially when they are angry.

Book Title: Tiger Has a Tantrum

Author/Illustrator: Sue Graves

Central Topic/Theme: Emotions/Angry/Tantrums


Tiger gets angry about anything, and when he’s angry, he shows tantrums. His friends will run and hide once he starts showing tantrums. Did Tiger continue with his unacceptable behavior when he’s angry? Or did he change? How did he change?

Questions to ask

  1. What made tiger angry?
  2. How did he behave when he’s angry?
  3. When are you angry?
  4. What do you do when you are angry?
  5. Is it correct to throw a tantrum when you are angry? Why?

Extension activities

  • Do meditation or share with the children some breathing techniques like counting from 1 to 10 as a way to calm down when they are angry.
  • Create an artwork or do an activity that calms the child (e.g. playing a musical instrument).
  • Let the children draw a comic depicting a time when they got angry. Encourage them to share what made them angry, what they did that time, and what they could have done to express their anger in an acceptable manner.


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