Battle against Wuhan virus is everyone’s business to prevent its spread

World Health Organization has declared on Thursday, 23 January that Wuhan virus is not a global emergency, but is an emergency in China. There is only a smaller number of cases in at least five countries and the virus is not spreading, whereas China has over 800 confirmed cases with 26 deaths recorded as of Thursday.

While it is not an emergency in some countries with recorded cases, it is better to step up in terms of precautionary measures to prevent its spread. Preventing the spread of Wuhan virus is everyone’s business.

At the airport, travelers need to be properly screened to see symptoms of the Wuhan virus. Frequent disinfection of the place may be conducted. Sanitizers should be made available. Travelers themselves should be responsible enough to report to the airport authorities if they are not feeling well to avoid infecting others.

Public places need to be disinfected regularly and the people are to practice good personal hygiene. Wash hands thoroughly and wear a mask especially if you are coughing and sneezing. If not feeling well, it is best to stay at home and rest.

Again, this battle against Wuhan virus is everyone’s business. Everybody has to do their part to stop its spread!



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