Valentine’s Day craft for preschool children

Valentine’s Day is a celebration of love held annually every 14th of February. In some schools, students make cards and other crafts to give it to their parents or friends. If you are teaching in preschool and looking for a special craft to be done by your children on this day, you may want to let them create a pop-up card.


Materials needed

  • colored paper
  • drawing paper
  • coloring materials
  • glue

How to make

  • Let the child draw a big heart shape on the paper and cut it. If the child is having difficulty in drawing a big heart, make a heart stencil and allow the child to trace it. This heart will serve as the base of the Valentine’s Day craft.
  • Let the child draw two people holding each others hands and cut it. Same with Instruction 2, if the child is having a hard time to draw, you may make a stencil that they can use for tracing.
  • Allow the child to add more details on the “people cut-out” such as drawing a shirt, pants, shoes, etc.
  • Once the child is finished with the “people cut-out”, cut a tiny paper and fold it and stick it on the heart base to make the “people cut-out” stand.
  • Finally, let the child write words on the heart. Words can be expressing gratitude to their friends or love for their parents.

This craft may take a long time, but it is worth all effort when the craft is completed! Have a fun time with your kids creating a Valentine’s Day craft!


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